Socio-Economic Reintegration Programme for Mine Victims in Azerbaijan

Socio-Economic Reintegration Programme for Mine Victims in Azerbaijan

To achieve social and economic reintegration of mine survivors through facilitated provision of business development services and small loans.

The regional project is based on the experiences and lessons learnt from the pilot project implemented in Azerbaijan in period November 2007 – November 2009 as well as local partners’ experiences in providing non-financial and financial services to endangered group of people within a general population (e.g. asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, refugees and displaced persons). ADA/ADC supported the pilot project in Azerbaijan with 70 percent of funding through ITF. The pilot project in Azerbaijan established a micro-credit scheme in 6 districts with mine survivor population, providing small business skills development training opportunities to 85 mine victims and micro credits to 52 of them.

The ongoing project (phase II) is implemented by IOM under the agreement between International Trust Fund, ANAMA, IOM and local NGO “Chirag”.

The project aims that mine victims and their families as a vulnerable and marginalised group achieve socio-economic re-integration into Azerbaijan society, i.e. earn their livelihoods, improve their standard of living and become participatory members in their society.

The project approaches are:

  • Providing the non-financial services (social intermediation, business skills development training and counselling) and financial services (disbursing, monitoring and collecting micro-credits) to mine victims by local implementing partners.
  • Enhancing the national service provision in the field of mine victim assistance and disabilities in general through engaging with State Partner Institutions and other stakeholders (NGO Chirag).
  • Promotion of regional cooperation and networking, through implementation of experience sharing regional workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, for project stakeholders as well as regional mine victim assistance awareness campaign.  

The programme will be carried out over a period from 01.12.2009– till 31.05.2012